One out One in
Most of us have a link, a relationship in one way or another between each of us as individuals - and larger entity of power.
Such power, such as the state, a religion, or a corporation, tends to solicit sense of "identity". For example, a person might be a "Facebooker", an "Apple-Fan", a "Catholic", an "Irish" - as elements that might define who they are as characters.
These senses of "identity", a persons' identity - your character - is it Yours, or owned by a larger power entity? For example, is your national identity yours, or woned by the state? Does your facebook profile it self, owned by you - or owned by the company that happens to run facebook?

One out One in offers a way to imagine the link between each of us as individuals, and larger powers.
Focusing on states and social media corporations, One out One in calls people to:

Taking a cue from the perception of scares space, a view which is performed by the claim that there aren't "not enough resources" to support people who seek refuge, One out one in offers a swap, an exchange.
If a state claims there is no space, lets imagine providing literal space - one person gives-up a citizenship and "goes out" for another to come in and take up the vacated place.

A corporation like facebook is rather keen for people to be themselves using social media because then the corporation's attempts to workout an average of a given personality - can be successfully sold. A normalisation of your personality - a typical "you" - through your social life, can be capitalised and profited from.

How to imagine One out One in?
Lets begin with: * ANY personal data collected via the form will be kept securely offline.
ANY personal Details sent via the 1out1in form - will not be used Unless there's an un-equivical consent by the person.
(A consent will look like: my name is Mx Ai Zed, and I allow you to use my details in such and such circumstances.)

We do not think 1out1in requires usage of private details by other than the person. If one wishes to take part, they can use own details.
The idea with collecting details is for us to have a notion as to how many people might be interested, which facebook profile *1st names* might be iinvolved, and which nationalities do we contact - relevant embassies, ministries, etc

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